Stalking The Night
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When you want to know what goes bump in the night
Night Vision is defined as being able to see in low light conditions.  With the right equipment you can see in just starlight conditions.  We offer quality Night Vision equipment including; Scopes, Monoculars, IR lasers, and accessories.    There are many states that have had an influx in the population of wild hogs.  These pigs are very smart and nocturnal.  Therefore, the most effective resource one can have is Night Vision! 

For those that are looking for a little more to HEAT things up a Thermal Imaging Monocular or scope is the way to go.
   Thermal Imaging equipment has more than just a hunting use.  It is amazing for spotting at long distances.  You will be able to see like you cannot imagine!  However, for those in the profession of Home Inspections, window installers, insulation installers, the list goes on.  This could be the most important tool you have for your customers!  There will be no doubt where there is a leak of heat or A/C for them to see.

For the guys out there that are diehard bow hunters, we will be providing for you as well!  We know the thrill of using a stick and string to harvest in the woods.  You should be able to see in the dark as well.

Please see our Photo page for images. 

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